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Starting a business can be confusing – and most of what you read is a complete waste of time.

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It’s tough out there for a coach trying to get their business going. We’ve made just about every mistake possible in growing both of our brick and mortar CrossFit gyms and our online coaching businesses. We want to save you at least some of the pain, stress that we went through learning everything the hard way.

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Brandon Heavey
Host – From Coach to Business


Todd Nief
Host – From Coach to Business

A lot of what you read about starting a business is a complete waste of time.

You don’t need a 100 page business plan with charts and projections.

You don’t need a focus group to refine your mission statement… hell you don’t even need a mission statement.

Or an org chart. Or business cards.

How do we know?

Well, Heavey used to be a literal rocket scientist working in NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory before opening a CrossFit gym in Pasadena. He then sold his brick and mortar gym to focus on his online coaching with Evidence-Based Athlete.

Todd owns South Loop Strength & Conditioning in downtown Chicago and also operates an online coaching company called Legion Strength & Conditioning. While he didn’t ever work for NASA, he does have a chemical and biomolecular engineering degree from University of Illinois.

Your hosts, Brandon and Todd, living the good life that their thriving fitness businesses allow them to enjoy

We’ve gone through most of the advice in the fitness industry…from blog articles to e-books to online courses to in-person seminars to private business coaches…and we’ve found most of it to be severely lacking.

The advice we see tends to be either very fluffy and abstract – like creating “mission and vision statement” which doesn’t help much when you’re coaching 40 hours per week and your email inbox is constantly overflowing.

Or, it tends to be very in the weeds and tactical – like running Facebook marketing campaigns that can inundate you with leads…however, most of the leads are not the type of clients that you got into the business to serve and they all quit within three months anyway.

If you’re having a hard time sorting out what actually matters, download our checklist and start focusing on the big wins that will move you forward.