If you’re a coach looking to make the leap from working for someone else to forging your own path.  Or, if you’ve already launched your business but need some no-bullshit help growing it, this may be the right place for you.

But, hold up just a sec….

This isn’t a show for inspiration.  If you want fitspo or entrepreneur-spo, look elsewhere.  This isn’t a show outlying the hotTest marketing tactics or in vogue social media growth hacks either.  When you’re trying to get a successful fitness off the ground, that’s all noise.

Just like your clients looking to get fitter, you don’t need random shit.  You need a framework for thinking about building your business.  You need to know where to prioritize your time because you’re really busy.  And you need to know which actions are essential for your specific business.

This also isn’t a show hosted by business moguls that built something grand in a previous era or a completely unrelated field.  Todd and Heavey are in the trenches with you.  We both own and operate fitness businesses ranging from brick and mortar to online-only coaching.

If that sounds compelling.  Give us a listen.  If not, get back to that fitspo.

Meet Todd & Heavey

This is Todd.

Todd owns South Loop Strength & Conditioning and Legion Strength & Conditioning – that’s a lot of strength & conditioning. He also hosts an eponymous podcast and talks nitty gritty details of training on the Legion Strength & Conditioning podcast.

This is Heavey.

It’s hee-vee not heavy. He writes about science and coaches people remotely over at Evidence Based Athlete. And, if you enjoy your health and fitness content with a splash of fun, you can catch him shooting the shit on the Strength & Scotch Podcast.


If you want to reach us, send us an email at [email protected]

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